About GhuGhooti

An online platform for the people of Uttarakhand to come together and connect under the same roof. Here everyone contributes and receives as everyone serves one another. This space links supplies to those who are in demand of goods and services that are unaware to all in time of requirement. This provides power to build the Uttarakhand community stronger and bringing its people closer promoting economic opportunities.


At Ghughooti we….

·        Connect you with the people of “Dev Bhoomi”, sitting anywhere in the world

·        Show/Direct people the road to meet their needs

-supporting one another during the greatest times of need making the community more and more independent as Uttarakhand Family

-sgive recognition to people with resources

·        Give voice to equipped and talented people whose capabilities are not recognized and support those who are constantly looking solutions/jobs

·        Other than opportunities we also promote the privacy and security of our people from any harm