Best Selling Running Shoes Nike Air Force 1 Experimental Halloween

Best Selling Running Shoes Nike Air Force 1 Experimental Halloween


Nike Air Force 1 Experimental evoked some terrible reactions when it debuted in 2020. New Release Yeezy is a fecal brown color scheme, which is said to have been inspired by UPS transportation, while the white/blue/red version caused anger and was later cooperated by the U.S. Postal Service. Nike will wear this deformed AF1 again for the upcoming Halloween holiday, covering the contoured appearance with ghostly eyes-the same as seen in Dunk Low's "Halloween". This transparent layer covers the dark gray foamy bottom, and the orange accent pull tabs, lace holes, and lace flick provide the effect of Jack's lamp. What makes this Air Force No. 1 experimental aircraft more prominent is that the aforementioned gray foam material glows completely in the dark. This pair of shoes will not only make you stand out in broad daylight, but also make you break your neck in the dark. The only non-luminous parts of the shoe are the tongue, lining and pull tab.

Although the sneaker goalkeepers are unlikely to agree, it can be said that the higher opponents in the New Air Force 1 have a better year. Heritage-inspired color schemes have always been a major part of silhouette products, and High has almost run out. In the latest suit, this top uses the "white/college red" color scheme, which is worthy of the nickname "Reverse Chicago". This newly launched retro shoe is reminiscent of the "metal red" style in May 2017, and is mainly "colorless" throughout the upper and sole unit. Bright scarlet accents the toes (which gives the shoes the nickname "red toes"), contour lines, ankle pads and outsoles. The brand on the side ankle flap and tongue label also participates in the sharp "college red" contrast, further linking the Trapeze Jordan 1 variant with the tradition of the Chicago Bulls. The two-tone component is not only reminiscent of the simple style decades ago, but also reminiscent of a series of dunk products recently launched by Nike-all designed by Peter Moore.

Nike Air Max 270 is one of the most commercially successful products of the brand in the past Air Jordan 1 Fearless. Although it is no longer the latest claim under the Air Max banner, it is still the first choice of many people. This pair of shoes is reminiscent of the shoes in the upcoming "Go the Extra Smile" series. The newly unveiled shoes are mainly yellow in mesh uppers. The magnified airbag also chooses a vibrant sun-like style at the foot. White and black are mixed throughout the upper body and sole, creating a classic color combination. The crimson color on the heel tab of the shoe contrasts sharply with the imprint on the tongue.